The FRMS Forum Prize

The FRMS Forum Prize

The FRMS Forum prize is aimed squarely at the younger part of our community who we wish to encourage to be dynamic, innovative, and develop fatigue science or use it within FRMS within the aviation industry.

Encouraging the younger generation

Should anyone under 40 years old (or thereabouts) publish significant research that contributes to the development of FRMS and wishes to submit a paper summarising what they have done either individually or as part of a team, they will be considered for the prize. There must be a clear operational benefit, now or in the future.

The paper should not be longer than 1000 words.

The Prize

The prize is an award of US$ 1500 cash (in any equivalent currency) plus the opportunity to present the paper at the next FRMS Forum meeting where the prize will be awarded.

The Judges

The judges who have kindly agreed to examine and select a winner from all the submissions are:

  1. Professor Philippe Cabon from Paris Descartes University, Paris who will examine for scientific value and rigour.
  2. Captain Kris Trischler of Germanwings, Cologne, Germany will examine the paper for operational value and synergy.


The prize is funded by Fatigue Risk Management Science Limited Dr Barbara Stone of FRMSc Limited will present the prize.

How to apply

Submissions must be lodged with Professor Cabon by email,  no later than midnight on 30th March 2015.

Further information or clarification

For further information contact us.



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