Work Programme

Work Programme

The Management Committee plan to create a body of knowledge to help members with their work to introduce FRMS into their organisations.

The initial stages for this plan were:

1. Form the FRMS Forum

2. Create a website for the hosting and dissemination of information

3. Populate the website library on an ongoing basis with contributions from all member organisations

4. Hold regular meetings for members to create Best Practise through workshops, presentations and networking

5. Create a series of generic documents as a starting point for members to use and tailor to their own organisation's needs

The first four challenges are complete and with the 2010 conference behind us, we now have a template for all members to use to be able to start creating an FRMS in their orgnaisations. This will be posted in the members' area when the managment committee have finalised it. Other tools, templates and general helpful information will be added to the library in time as it becomes available.

Future work

This Forum is here to help our members. Accordingly, we'd like to hear from members who wish to suggest a particular direction or have a particular wish for the Forum to conduct some work that all may benefit from. There may be a particular issue that needs to be addressed urgently such as where to get good advice on Just Cultures, a training module or some other form of knowledge transfer where the collective knowledge and network contacts of the managment committee may be able to secure and provide it through the Forum.

Simply email us and register your wish list and we'll take it into consideration.

This website is operated by FRMS Forum; an independent club owned and operated by its members, whose operational office is situated in Farnham, Surrey, England